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FW MURPHY Göstergeler (J1939/CAN, Elektrik, Mekanik)
Göstergeler (J1939/CAN)
- Powerview PVA Analog Göstergeler
- PowerView PVCAN Göstergeler
- PowerView PWM Göstergeler
- PWM Göstergeler için Güç Ünitesi
- J1939 MLINK Analog Göstergeler
Göstergeler (Elektrik)
PWM Gages     PowerView PWM Göstergeler


The PowerView PVM Series gages are intelligent gages designed to display easy-to-read information transmitted by the PowerView. The PVM gages communicate with the PowerView via a single RS485 twisted pair MODBUS® RTU serial link. The gages can be daisy-chained using quick-connect harnesses.

The major feature of the PVM gages is their balance between design and functionality. These modern gages offer a selection of bezel styles and colors shown on page 3 of this document.

The PVM gages also include features such as a smooth stepper motor operation for the 270° sweep pointer, an environmentally sealed case with two Amp Mini Universal Mate-N-Lok connectors molded into the casing, and green LED back lighting. They are available for standard 2-1;16 in. (52 mm) and 3-3/8 in. (86 mm) diameter hole sizes. In addition their plastic cases incorporate a “D” shape allowing panel cutouts that eliminate gage rotation during installation.

PVM20 Series Models

·         PVM20-A = Engine Oil Pressure
PVM20-B = Coolant Temperature
 PVM20-C = Voltmeter
PVM20-D = Percent Load at current RPM
PVM20-E = Transmission Oil Pressure
PVM20-F = Transmission Oil Temperature
PVM20-G = Engine Oil Temperature
PVM20-H = Hydraulic Oil Temperature
PVM20-J = Percent Fuel Level
PVM20-K = Boost Pressure
PVM20-L = Exhaust Gas Temperature
PVM20-M = Intake Manifold Temperature
PVM20-N = Auxiliary Temperature
PVM20-P = Auxiliary Pressure
PVM20-T = Tachometer

PVM35 Series Models

·         PVM35-T = Tachometer
PVM35-S = Speedometer

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