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FW MURPHY Göstergeler (J1939/CAN, Elektrik, Mekanik)
Göstergeler (J1939/CAN)
- Powerview PVA Analog Göstergeler
- PowerView PVCAN Göstergeler
- PowerView PWM Göstergeler
- PWM Göstergeler için Güç Ünitesi
- J1939 MLINK Analog Göstergeler
Göstergeler (Elektrik)
PVA Gages     Powerview PVA Analog Göstergeler

For Modern Electronic Engines and Equipment Using SAE J1939 Controller Area Network
Display SAE J1939 Parameters Broadcast by The PowerView System
Cutting-Edge, Stepper Motor Technology and Robust Functionality Combined
Microprocessor Driven for High Accuracy
Simple Installation and Wiring Design
The PowerView Analog Gages (PVA) are a series of intelligent gages designed to display easy-to-read information transmitted by the PowerView. The PVA gages communicate with the PowerView via a single RS485 twisted pair MODBUS®† RTU serial link. The gages can be daisy-chained using quick-connect harnesses with watertight connectors.

The major feature of the PVA gages is their balance between design and functionality. These modern gages offer a selection of lens and bezel styles and colors. Pages 2, 3 and 4 of this document show you the complete selection of styles available.

The PVA gages also include features such as a smooth stepper motor operation for the 270° sweep pointer, an environmentally sealed case with two Deutsch DT style connectors molded into the casing, and green LED back lighting. They are available for standard 2-1/16 in. (52 mm) and 3-3/8 in. (86 mm) diameter hole sizes. In addition their plastic cases incorporate a “D” shape allowing panel cutouts that eliminate gage rotation during installation.

The PowerView Audible Alarm (PVAA) alerts operators to fault conditions via piezoelectric alarm and relay contacts. It also has a temporary silencer button that silences the audible tone for 2 minutes on warnings and 30 seconds on shutdown conditions.

All PowerView Gages can be powered by 12 or 24 VDC systems.

PVA20 Series Models: 

PVA20 –A = Engine Oil Pressure
PVA20 –B = Coolant Temperature
PVA20 –C = Voltmeter
PVA20 –D = Percent Load at Current RPM
PVA20 –E = Transmission Oil Pressure
PVA20 –F = Transmission Oil Temperature
PVA20 –G = Engine Oil Temperature
PVA20 –H = Hydraulic Oil Temperature
PVA20 –J = Percent Fuel Level
PVA20 –K = Boost Pressure
PVA20 –L = Exhaust Gas Temperature
PVA20 –M = Intake Manifold Temperature
PVA20 –N = Auxiliary Temperature
PVA20 –P = Auxiliary Pressure
PVA20 –T = Tachometer
PVAA20 = Audible alarm

PVA35 Series Models: 

PVA35 –T = Tachometer
PVA35 –S = Speedometer

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