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FW MURPHY Kontrol Panelleri (Kompresör, Jeneratör& Motor)
Kontrol ve İkaz Cihazları (Gaz Sıkıştırma)
Motor Kontrol Cihazları (Elektronik)
- Engine Integrated Control System (EICS)
- EMS PRO Lite
- EMS-GC10
- A91
- AEC101
- ASM150
- ASM170
- Keystart 9620
PowerCore Dizel Motor Panelleri
    EMS PRO Lite


  • Supports Mechanical and J1939 Electronic Engines
  • Automatic Start/Stop
  • Backlit Graphical Display
  • Shutdown History File
  • First-out Shutdown and/or Alarm Indicating LEDs
  • Field Adjustable Parameters
  • Supports TSC1 Throttle Messaging
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range
  • IP65 Rated
  • Internet-ready utilizing Modbus® RTU with Auxiliary Equipment


The EMS PRO LITE is a customizable pump-controller designed specifically with dewatering and irrigation applications in mind. This versatile unit supports both Mechanical and J1939 Electronic engines, thus eliminating the need to stock multiple controllers. A step ahead, the EMS PRO LITE is Tier 4 & Stage IIIB/IV ready.

The operator interface is a responsive 8-button membrane keypad and backlit graphical display mounted directly to the front of a rugged NEMA 4 enclosure.

A microprocessor-based controller, the EMS PRO LITE operating parameters are field-adjustable without the need for a computer. However, the EMS PRO LITE can be modified for use with a remote modem or in a SCADA system with MODBus® RTU protocols on either an RS232 or RS485 port.

EMS PRO LITE offers Auto Start/Stop with 2-Float and Transducer settings (pressure and level). Throttle to Level, Pressure, or maximum RPM (desired RPM) is offered.

The robust EMS PRO LITE is engineered for 12 VDC systems (8 VDC minimum to 14.4 VDC maximum) and a wide operating temperature. Connectors are industry-standard Deutsch for superior sealing and quick disconnect.


  • Operating Voltage: 8 VDC Minimum to 14.4 VDC Maximum 
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to 80°C (-40° to 176°F)
  • Relative Humidity: 95%RH @ 60°F (140°C) 
  • Storage Temperature: -40° to 80°C (-40° to 176°F)
  • Enclosure: Polycarbonate NEMA 4 (UL/cUL listed) 
  • Environmental Sealing: IP65
  • Shipping Weight: 7 lb. (3.2 hg)
  • Shipping Dimensions: 12” x 12” x 10” (304.8 x 304.8 x 254 mm)
  • Analog Inputs: 6 Analog Inputs designed via program; sender/ground digital 4-20mA, 0-5 VDC.
  • Digital Inputs: 4 Digital Inputs High/Low (Both Battery+ and ground are detected as active inputs. An inactive input floats at approximately 1/2 B.
  • Frequency: 1 optically isolated input for speed reference, magnetic pick-up, (2VAC-50VAC RMS, 30-10kHz)
  • Fuel Sender Input: 33 Ohm full, 240 Ohm empty
  • Analog Output: 4-20mA or .4 to 4.2VDC (used for .4 – 4.2V throttling)
  • Digital Outputs: 6 Digital Outputs; 3 FET B+ (rated at 1A), 3 Open Collector sink-to-ground 100 mA (one of these is used to pilot a relay).
  • Communications: RS485, RS232, CAN J1939, CAN 2.0B ports

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