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FW MURPHY Kontrol Panelleri (Kompresör, Jeneratör& Motor)
Kontrol ve İkaz Cihazları (Gaz Sıkıştırma)
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Motor Kontrol Cihazları (Elektronik)
PowerCore Dizel Motor Panelleri


  • Monitor engine or motor driven pumps and compressors
  • 47 Normally Open (N.O.) or Normally Closed (N.C.) sensor inputs
  • CSA* and Factory Mutual listed
  • Rated for hazardous locations


The LCDT Selectronic Tattletale system is a compact fault annunciator with an electronic alarm/shutdown control system. It was designed to protect engine-driven or motor-driven compressors and pumps. The annunciator indicates the sensor, and hence the parameter, that causes an alarm or shutdown. In addition, a means is provided for testing the operation of each sensor without initiating an alarm or shutdown. Employing a liquid crystal display, the LCDT system gives a digital reading of the tripped sensor and the lockout timer countdown.

As the heart of the system, the basic annunciator component has two variations: the Model LCDT-NO, which accommodates normally open sensors, and the Model LCDT-NC, which accommodates normally closed sensors. These units are enclosed in an aluminum box having a brush finish. The LCDT system accommodates 47 sensor inputs, 15 of which may be locked out during start-up by the start/run timer delay.

A separate power supply is provided with the model LCDT instrument. Power may be supplied by CD ignition, a 120 VAC line, or by 12 or 24 VDC battery.

Intended for use with all Swichgage instruments without “OS” option.


  • System alarm or shutdown for up to 47 sensors.
  • Timed start-up overrride for up to 15 sensors.
  • Liquid Crystal Display of tripped sensors and the lockout timer countdown.
  • Test timer for shutdown override during sensor test.
  • Intrinsically safe annunciator unit; Class I, Division 1, Group D Hazardous Locations.
  • Explosion-proof power supply.
  • A battery maintains the electronics while the engine is not running.
  • Optional 3-second time delay allows a fuel valve to close before grounding the ignition.

LCDT System

The basic LCDT system consists of (1) the LCDT module, (2) the terminal strip and cable assembly, and (3) the power supply.

LCDT Module–described on front page.

Terminal Strip and Cable Assembly
The plug-in type Terminal Strip has 50 screw-type connections for normally open sensors and 100 connections for normally closed sensors. The terminal strip can be connected to the LCDT module with the 36 in. (914 mm) long flat ribbon cable.

Power Supply
You have a choice of input power supplies: LCDT-PS-CD (R)-P and LCDT-PS-CD-N for CD ignition or LCDT-PS-120/24/12 for 120 VAC or 12 or 24 VDC. Each power supply includes control Inputs/Outputs and an intrinsically safe barrier. They were designed for Class I, Divisions 1 and 2, Group D Hazardous Locations. FM and CSA listed.

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