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PowerCore MPC-20     MPC-20 Dizel Motor Paneli

PowerCore® MPC-20

  • Auto and Manual Start with Various Throttling Options and Real-Time Clock
  • Large 3.8-inch Transflective LCD Viewable in Full Sun Conditions
  • Alarm and Shutdown Control with Advanced Diagnostics
  • CAN J1939 Communications
  • Easy-To-Use Configuration Software
  • Tier 4/Stage IIIB/IV Ready
  • Also available as a panel (ML2000)


Murphy’s PowerCoreTM MPC-20 is an all-purpose industrial controller that stands up to some of the harshest environments. This powerful controller is targeted for engine-driven pumps and irrigation, with the versatility to work in most engine-driven applications. The controller can be mounted in a sealed control box but is entirely sealed to meet and/or exceed an IP67 rating.

Easily viewable in full sun conditions, the MPC-20 has a large 3.8-inch monochrome transflective LCD. Interim and Final Tier 4 ISO symbols appear with engine and application information without the appearance of a cluttered screen.

The MPC-20 is configurable by the user to meet the most versatile applications. The ease of initial setup of the I/O does not leave the user feeling paralyzed when an input is needed for a specific function. This allows for quicker uptime and less headache while on the manufacturing floor or in the field.

Although a configuration tool is not required, it provides the ability to configure the controller’s setpoints on the PC and save them in a file for future loading. A standard setpoint configuration tool is included as a free download to allow customized default settings for building application- or customer-specific configurations.

The MPC-20 has proved design through internal and external testing including HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Testing) and third party approvals.


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