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- XM500
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- FuelCAN
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Göstergeler (J1939/CAN)
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Power Distribution Module (PDM)

The PDM Power Distribution Module, Murphy’s advanced CAN-based I/O Module, allows for the flexible extension of new or existing control systems and displays. Two models are available to support operation on either 12 VDC or 24 VDC systems.
The PDM provides a novel alternative to current relay/fuse-based solutions. Unlike existing options with failure prone electromechanical devices, the PDM is completely potted with no moving parts. It eliminates relays and fuses so outputs can be switched ON/OFF or driven proportionally. Output status can be monitored for improved diagnostics, while analog and digital input devices can be easily connected and their signals accessed via CAN messages.

The PDM is fully sealed and uses field-proven Deutsch connectors for superior performance in the most adverse environments. In addition, the twelve fully-protected solid state outputs have the capacity to handle higher current loads than other control & I/O solutions available.

The compact housing design simplifies mounting in tight areas and eases harness installation through reduced wiring. An innovative I/O structure that can be monitored and configured remotely allows for quick adaptation in numerous mobile applications.

This robust unit is intended for use in conditions where reliable operation is crucial, extreme temperature variations are common, high shock and vibration levels exist, and where electromagnetic interference (EMI) is normal.
  • Designed for use in severe-duty mobile equipment applications
  • Integrated CAN communication using SAEJ1939
  • Compact, sealed enclosure using Industry standard Deutsch connectors
  • Integrated Circuit Protection and Diagnostics
  • Easy-to-use Configuration Tool available
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     PDM Power Distribution Module