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FW MURPHY Gages (J1939/CAN, Electric, Mechanical)
Gages (J1939/CAN)
Gages (Electric)
- EG / EGS Series Gauges
- Fuel Level, Oil Pressure and Coolant Temperature Senders
EG / EGS Series Gauges


EG21/ EG21S Electric Gauge, 

Swichgage® and Senders

The EG21 series Electric Gauge and the EGS21 series Swichgage® take the electric gauge to new heights with proven technology and reliability.

Utilising our EG Air Core movement design, the EG(S)21 series offers technological improvements in overall operation, lighting, accuracy in reading, wiring and installation. The EG(S)21 gives you assurance of highest reliability and service.

EG21 electric pressure gauge and sender - click to enlarge

These rugged gauges are environmentally sealed and exceed the rigid SAE J1810 standard for reliable operation under tough off-road and power unit environments. Corrosion-resistant materials are used throughout, making the gauges highly effective in marine and other environmentally sensitive applications. Soft, non-glare dial and pointer illumination is provided by a “cold light” LED; when powered the white lettering and clear pointer become soft red. A mirror band on the indicating scale eliminates parallax reading error when the pointer and its reflection are aligned.


·         EG21 gauge, indicating only

·         EGS21 Swichgage®, combined indicating gauge and Powerhall® switch

·         Corrosion resistant materials throughout

·         Strong polyester (PBT) case carries shock resistant air core movement

·         Weather sealed, high impact polycarbonate lens

·         Black gauge face, white markings (red when illuminated)

·         Through-dial lighting is easily read and has no distracting bright spots

·         High visibility, illuminated pointer for sure reference readings

·         Reflective mirror band on dial reduces parallax reading error

·         Non-glare black bezel as standard, stainless steel optional

·         Spin-on gauge clamp for easy mounting in panels up to 19mm (3/4 in.) thick.

·         Plug-in wire connector for positive and easy connection

·         Switch set point adjustment on back side of the case (EGS only)

·         Switch set point indicator clearly visible on mirrored scale (EGS Swichgage® only)

 The EG(S)21 pressure, temperature and fuel level gauges are designed for use with the Murphy ES series resistive senders, which are available in the following variants:

ES series resistive senders for pressure, temperature & fuel level - click to enlarge

·         1 wire (ground return)

·         2 wire (insulated return)

·         2 wire (insulated return), dual gauge (one sender drives 2 gauges, e.g. marine engine room and bridge).

EG(S)21 presure and temperature gauges/Swichgages can also operate with:

·         ESPS and ESTS senders/switches

·         CAN J1939 engine data, via controllers such as CANstart, or interface modules such as CANdrive.

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