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The BLSK1 Bilge Level Switch System gives you all items and fittings necessary to install in your bilge. Or, you can have only the parts you want and you provide brackets, tubing and mounting hardware.

Using the proven “Air Cell” actuating system, all moving parts and switching are remote from bilge liquids and are thus not affected by corrosion, rust, etc. All wetted parts are of non-corrosive materials.
As bilge level rises a column of air is captured in the MAC1 Air Volume Cell. The rising bilge level compresses the column of air creating pres- sure against the large diaphragm in the BLS1 Bilge Level Switch and the switch trips. Switch set point is adjustable.

The switch resets as the bilge is pumped out. Air cell recharges itself during normal operation.

The BLS1 is constructed of materials not affected by marine atmospheres; Aluminum or Bronze body and cover, Buna-N diaphragm.

  • Operates bilge pumps or alarms
  • Uses proven “air cell” actuated system
  • Remote switch and moving parts kept unaffected by corrosion
  • Aluminum body and cover
  • Includes 3 assemblies:
    • BLS1 bilge level switch
    • MACT1 tube kit (sensor line and fittings)
    • MAC1 “air cell” (volume cell)

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