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3ST Speed Switch Relay

The 3ST provides three independent speed relays in one compact unit. The relay outputs - designated crank, underspeed and overspeed - provide semi-automatic control and protection for industrial engine applications.

Engine speed is measured in conjunction with an engine mounted transducer, typically a magnetic pickup. Each of the 3 non-latching relays can be set to operate at a preset level; front facia LEDs indicate the state of each relay.



  • 3 independent relay outputs:
    S1 (crank), S2 (underspeed), S3 (overspeed)
  • Field adjustable set points
  • LED indication of relay state
  • 0 - 1mA output for calibration or tachometer
  • DIN rail mounted case with screw terminals
  • 24VDC (3ST/1) or 12VDC (3ST/2) variants

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 3ST Speed Switch Relay