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ABRASIV & CORROSIVE MEDIA TRANSFER SYSTEMS >> LÜDECKE Hose Connectors >> Kamlok quick couplings SS 1.4401
LÜDECKE Hose Connectors
Kamlok quick couplings SS 1.4401
- Kamlock quick couplings
- CG-SS-BU DIN EN 14420-7
- EG-SS DIN EN 14420-7 FORM EC
- A-SS DIN EN 14420-7
- B-SS-BU DIN EN 14420-7
- C-SS-BU According US-MIL-Norm
- D-SS-BU DIN EN 14420-7
- E-SS According US-MIL-Norm
- F-SS DIN-EN-14420-7
- DP-SS DIN EN 14420-7
- DC-SS-BU DUST CAP EN 14420-7 Form DC
- KSA Safety Calmps
- KAHM Cam Lever
- EKMV-K Chain
- EDR-BU Sealing Rings for Kamlok couplings
- GTA Male thread stem
- GTI female thread stem
- KAH Cam Lever
- GDR-XX-PTFE Sealing Rings
Mortar couplings
Kamlock quick couplings

Kamlok Quick Couplings and Plugs DIN EN 14 420-7 (formerly DIN 2828) of stainless steel 1.4401 electro polished  

• High quality, robust couplings acc. to DIN EN
  14 420-7 for aluminum clamps
• Interchangeable with world-wide used types
• Surface electro polished, Couplings generally
  with handle securing and safety clips
• Rubber Rings of Perbunan, Hypalon, EPDM and
  FPM and handles as spare parts available
  (Catalogue page 70 / 71)
• Hose stem machined
• Attention: only same type-size interchangeable
• Universal coupling for aggressive fluids
  (according to concentration) in chemical- and
  petrochemical industry, steel-, food plants,
  medicine technique, off-shore or agriculture.

EPDM sealing ring with approval for edibles/foods Current information about standards: DIN 2828 is replaced by DIN EN 14 420-7   New form marking:

Female part with stem:  form CC
Female part with female thread: form DF
Female part with male thread: form BF
Female part with blind cap: form DC
Male part with stem: form EC
Male part with female thread: form AF
Male part with male thread: form FF
Male part with sealing plug: form DP

• The form markings on female and male are
  adapted accordingly
• Type approval tests and quality control: all
  types are checked using test jack connectors
  and defined test criteria
• Producer should be certified according to DIN
  EN ISO 9001 : 2000
• New maximum operating pressure of 25 bar
  resp. application limit of used pipes or hose lines
• The transition period for the new standard
  defaults amounts to 3 years  

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