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DYNASET Hydraulic powered components
Hydraulic powered components
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PPL hydraulic hose reel

The DYNASET hydraulic hose reel is designed for in-process storage and quick and safe handling of high pressure water hose. Hydraulic hose reel is an essential part of specialized pipe cleaning equipment.  

Typical applications: 
  • Opening and flushing clogged pipes and sewers with jet stream nozzles 
  • Defrosting of congealed pipes and sewers 
  • Conventional high pressure cleaning with spray gun  

Unreeling the hose is easy and convenient due the free rotation of the reel when either pulling the hose or feeding it into the pipe being flushed. Hose reel can be locked hydraulically in any position when necessary.  

Installation of a hydraulic hose reel is made extremely easy. Hose reel is to be connected to the hydraulic circuit of HPW pump by means of flow limiting valve.      

The DYNASET hose reel is controlled by either manual (standard) or solenoid (optional) control  valve, which has the following positions:
  • Middle position with detention for locking the reel (transport and storage position)
  • Working position for reeling the hose
  • Free rotating position with detention for unreeling the hose 

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