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- HRU 800 Hydraulic resque power pack
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HRU 800 Hydraulic resque power pack

DYNASET HRU RESCUE TOOL POWER PACK is especially designed for equipping fire trucks and other rescue vehicles to power hydraulic shears, cutters and expansion tools, used by rescue teams in salvage and firefighting operations.


HRU-unit provides possibility to use two power tool simultaneously.


HRU RESCUE TOOL POWER PACK is delivered as a compact ready-to-use unit which only needs to be connected to the hydraulic system of rescue vehicle.


Hydraulic fluid is used in all circuits of HRU RESCUE TOOL POWER PACK, and this feature together with the piston assembly as the only moving part of the unit, result in long and maintenance-free service life. Power tool circuit is hermetic and isolated from actuating hydraulic circuit.


HRU-unit utilizes DYNASET advantageous piston technology, which enables to reach extremely high power/weight ratio.

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