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Catalitik Convertors & Muflers-Small Engines

Catalytic Converters & Catalytic Mufflers - Small Engines

MINE-X® catalytic converters and catalytic mufflers for small engines minimize toxic gases and odor from engine exhaust, improving the health of the work environment and allowing a vehicle to operate in a confined space.

Alternate product names: exhaust purifier, catalytic purifier, exhaust scrubber.

  • Installs directly to the engine exhaust or replaces the existing OEM muffler
  • System for air injection into catalyst for improved oxidation of CO and HC in gasoline, LPG and natural gas engines
  • Heavy gauge mild steel or stainless steel construction
  • Brazed metal substrate

Available in diesel oxidation catalyst, oxidation catalyst or three-way catalyst coatings.


Typically used in LPG, gasoline and diesel power equipment such as concrete saws, concrete trowels, water pumps and utility engines.

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