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PowerCore Diesel Engine Panels
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- ML2000 Diesel Engine Panel
- ML1000-4X Diesel Engine Panel
MPC10 Diesel Engine Panel

PowerCore® MPC-10

  • Powerful, configurable controller for mechanical and electronic engine
  • Operates with 12VDC or 24VDC systems
  • Three configurable levels of passcode protection
  • Flexible input sensor types for the analog inputs
  • Analog inputs can be used as digital ground inputs
  • Designed for all weather environments
  • Also available as a panel (ML1000-4X)


The Murphy PowerCore MPC-10 Controller is a general, all-purpose manual/auto start and manual/auto throttling engine controller designed with rental applications in mind. The controller is purposed primarily for applications where a wide array of inputs and outputs are not required. This is a powerful and rugged controller that supports J1939 CAN protocols for electronically governed engines as well as analog sensors on mechanical engines for fault and safety shutdowns.

While reprogrammable, the MPC-10 follows a standard operating sequence. This operating sequence is a set of 22 machine states that happen in a predetermined order. Machine states can be set to zero if not needed or adjusted to fit the application. The menu structure is incredibly versatile, with the ability to change many parameters and settings from the face without the need of a PC tool, if desired.

The MPC-10 is flexible in many aspects, with the ability to:

  • use the same controller on 12VDC or 24VDC systems;
  • assign multiple levels of passcode protection to the menu using the free of charge PC Configuration Tool;
  • change the input sensor type for the analog inputs;
  • use analog inputs as digital ground inputs;
  • be mounted in all-weather environments;
  • be customer mounted in panel of choice.


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