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FW MURPHY Process Monitoring Instruments
Level Maintainers
Level Switches
Pressure Sensors and Instruments
Speed/Time Sensors and Instruments
Temperature Sensors and Instruments
FW MURPHY Displays (J1939/CAN)
Displays (CAN)
Displays (J1939/CAN)-I/O & Accessories
Displays (J1939/CAN)-Marine
FW MURPHY Controls (Compressor, Power Generator& Engin
Controllers and Annunicators (Gas Compression)
Engine Controllers (Electronic)
PowerCore Diesel Engine Panels
FW MURPHY Gages (J1939/CAN, Electric, Mechanical)
Gages (J1939/CAN)
Gages (Electric)


The English company Murphy’s catalogue, established on 30’es, has hundreds of products for the monitoring and control of engine driven applications: off-road, construction and agricultural vehicles and equipment; marine propulsion; power generation; pumps and compressors. 

Murphy’s display, instrument and control systems monitor engine 'vital signs' such as pressure, temperature, fluid level, speed and vibration. They cover it all, from simple gauges and fault switches to sophisticated display, automation and fault protection systems. 

Constant improvements and new product developments give Murphy’s customers the most advanced technology, including instruments for the latest J1939 CANbus engines, microprocessor controllers and remote monitoring/control via telecommunications and computer supervised systems. 

Murphy's success is based on his desire to provide excellence in customer service. The company provides reliable and cost-effective products for our customers, and have been doing it since 1939. That’s more than 70 years of developing control solutions without limits.