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RDS-Mobile Machinery Electronics(End User)
RDS-Mobile Machinery Electronics(Manufacturers)

Sprayers - An Overview

Tradtionally sprayers have been operated at fixed forward speeds but now with the addition of electronics a constant application rate can be maintained irrespective of forward speed allowing productivity to be increased. This technology also permits rates to be changed on the move, either manually by the operator or even according to a pre-defined treatment map (Precision Farming) thus optimising chemical use.

RDS can provide a variety of solutions for sprayers, examples of such are:

Spraymaster 200 - an entry level controller for basic sprayers

PSi Delta 34 - a comprehenise flow or pressure based controller*

* - further functionality can be included i.e. engine interface via J1939, auto boom lift/lower, tank contents, boom section control, electro-hydraulic functions etc.